FIRST GRADE! Orientation

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First Grade Orientation!  I CANNOT believe my baby is going into FIRST grade!  Where does the time go!?!?!

The school usually does a horrible job during these orientations.  I don’t know… they just don’t get it right.  They had the parents all corralled in the lobby.  Parents for all kids, all grades.  Let me tell you, it was just a little bit hot in there.  UGH!  Finally they open the flood gates and it’s like rush hour on an LA highway or something.  Terrible!  Who came up with this idea?  DUMB.  They should have the different grades come a different times.  That was dumb!

Well, once we found AJ’s new classroom, I felt better.  His teacher is young and organized.  I like her.  So far!  hahahaaa.  AJ seems comfortable.  He was very excited that he has his own desk this year!

AJ at his desk - 1st Grade Orientation!

Also, AJ has a number of friends in his class from last year.  Brison, Ally, Erin, & Lauren.  His buddy Chris is in a different class so they made a deal that they would sit with each other on the bus.  So cute.  Also, AJ’s buddy for football is in his class!  I didn’t even know anyone from football went to his school.  That was a fun surprise.  All good things.

AJ and Brison

Adam and Madelynn were with us for this visit as well.  Brison had his little sister with him.  Adam and Brison’s sister were playing nicely.  They were both sitting in the reading area and they both went to get up at the same time, when they bumped heads!  Oh, Brison’s sister was crying!  Adam felt SO bad, he started to cry!  Everyone was okay, mostly they put on a dramatic show.  Crystal and I thought it was just funny, the two of them, crying together!  I think they are destined to be buddies too!


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