A Week Of Mondays Rantings

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I don’t really feel like going into it but this week has not been so great.

Got chewed by a guy at work when I didn’t do anything wrong.  Some people are just jerks.  And crazy.  So bad do I just want to take my family and our savings and move far, far, far away!  Like an island in the pacific or something…far, far, away… from mean people and stupid politicians.

BTW I find it very ironic that Mr. Climate Change, Al Gore, just recently bought a $9mil mansion on the CA coast with his soon to be ex…way to be “green” and reduce your “carbon footprint”!  What a fraud.

The Gulf is ruined because of our destructive dependence on oil and there is a giant hole in Guatemala City…I don’t know about you…but we all need to be praying hard!!  I am really thinking BP can’t stop the leak…they are losing like billions of $$, it would be their best interest to stop the leak asap…and it’s still not done.  Pray hard!  What else can we do???

There is so much going wrong in so many ways…But I still have the Lord and my beautiful family…so I guess its not ALL wrong…but there is a lot…


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