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haha!  Life is so hectic.  Below is a little example of a typical morning around here…actually it’s almost amusing! There is no wonder why I don’t even have time to post a blog entry!   I think I am obsessed with trying to organize life…which I think is impossible.  I have new missions for this blog besides documenting daily goings-ons…getting my family to live a more healthy, natural life – and especially for my husband and I…to be healthier and lose a little weight.  Follow me as I try to move my family into (hopefully) total “clean living”…tonight I am going to enjoy my dt coke and ice cream.  Tomorrow we start making changes.  This should be interesting!

Workin’ Mom’s Sample Monday Morning…


6:40am        Woke-up late!

Quick Bathroom Break

Put the dog out the front door for his bathroom break

Ask AJ if he wants to buy lunch or pack – Pack

Put on an undergarment

Let the dog back in

Put food in dog bowl

Ask AJ if he wants waffles for breakfast – YES

AJ asks for eggs with his waffles – we’ll see – time is tight – got frozen waffles for convenience.  Made homemade pancakes for him on Friday and almost missed the bus!

Fuss at AJ to walk the dog out.

Notice pen marks all around AJs mouth – were you chewing in a pen?  He flails his body down on a nearby kitchen chair – that means YES.  Joe witnesses and fusses at him to man up and show the pen so we can evaluate if we need poison control. OK we are good.

AJ get distracted by Joe trying to leave – Dad’s a big deal.

Put waffles in the toaster oven.  Grabbed butter and syrup from frig.

Dog runs downstairs – probably to find a spot to potty!

I run after the dog – corner him by back door and put his leash on and run him back upstairs.

AJ is still distracted by Joe – he standing in the garage without shoes on – the 4wheeler is on the trailer – this is also a big deal.

I fuss at AJ again – get shoes on and walk the dog so I can make your breakfast and lunch!  We got to leave to catch bus in 15 min!

I walk dog out to grass even though I have no shoes on and its been raining – ugh.

AJ finally emerges from laundry room with his boots on.

Pass dog off – run inside.

Butter, cut and syrup waffles. Sorry AJ no time for eggs.

Joe walks in – tell him that someone responded to my post on fb about help wanted.  I will call guy today.

Made pb&j for AJs lunch.

Grabbed water bottle for his lunch.

Grabbed baggies for sandwich and veggie sticks.

Put sandwich and baggie of veggie sticks in lunchbox.  Applesauce, fruit cup, and granola bar is left over from last week untouched.  Sweet. One less thing I have to put in.

Looking for fruit snacks I bought last week for his lunch.  Shuffling thru the 3 grocery store bags of pantry items I still have not put away – pathetic.

Still no fruit snacks.  AJ – Did you all eat the fruit snacks?  Well, he says…OK that means YES.  No time to worry about it.  Need to move on.

Grab another baggie from laundry room.

Packed 2 cookies – put in lunch box.  Put lunchbox in backpack.

Gotta head out to bus soon – AJ finish up your breakfast.  Put butter and syrup back in frig.

Grabbed a breakfast burrito from freezer.  Put in micro – I will eat it when we get back from the bus!

Walked down hallway and hear Maddy make her morning squeal.

Yell to AJ to get ready to go.  Tell him to take some of the toys out of his backpack – he doesn’t need that extra weight on his back.  He insists on taking a sweatshirt with him even though its probably going to be 80 degrees today b/c Dad left this morning with a sweatshirt on.

Grab Maddy and change her diaper.  She will have to wait for a bottle until after AJ gets on the bus.

7:10am        Get your shoes on AJ – we got to go!  Hooked dog up to front door.

I grab my cell and the baby, slipped on shoes, and walked out the door.

Walk up the driveway and wait for bus.

7:18am        Bus was a little late today – well its Monday.  I get it.

Walk in garage – Adam is waiting for me at the door – on the verge of tears.  He was sound asleep when I left – from what I could tell.  He’s upset that he woke up and I was not there.  Hug him Good Morning.

Help Adam take off the diaper – its dry!  So WHY does he have an accident when he’s not wearing a diaper and doesn’t when he is?

Adam you want waffles?  YES.

Put baby in car seat and start her bottle.  Can’t find bottle from last night. Weird.  Where’d I put it?  Would like to clean it.  Whatever, there’s a clean one in bottle rack.

Oh – my burrito.  Cold by now.  Put bottle in with burrito to warm up.

Put waffles in toaster oven.  Grabbed butter and syrup out from frig again.

Adam comes out of bathroom and asks me if AJ peed in my bathroom this morning – I am sure he did, why? – there’s wet all over the seat.  Great.  I apologize to Adam about the mess…

Maddy’s getting mad – she’s hungry!

Take bottle out of mirco – mix formula – set her up in seat to eat bottle.  Luckily, Maddy seems to prefer to eat her bottle this way – I don’t have to stop and feed her all the time.

Waffles are still toasting – grab disinfectant wipes – and clean toilet.

2 wipes is not enough – head out and grab another.  Why didn’t I bring the whole canister in with me?  Duh.

Back out in kitchen, waffles are done.  Wash my hands.  Pull them out.

Butter, cut and syrup waffles.  Call Adam to table.  He politely asks if he can eat in living room in front of tv.  I cave.

Need to take trash out.  Grabbed the overflowing bag from the bathroom and shove it in the overflowing bag from the kitchen.  Lug ridiculously overfilled trash bag to can outside garage.

Come back in, pour myself a diet coke.  I know I was quit.  Ugh.  It just tastes good and I am always stressed.  So its nice okay (until my belly starts hurting – guess I can’t complain about belly pain anymore)…

Burrito is still in micro.  Heat it up for 25 more seconds.  Grab a paper plate.  Put my drink and cell out in living room on end table.

Grab burrito from micro and head out to living room to eat it.

One bite down, Maddy starts to fuss.

Back up, and out to re-adjust her bottle.

Back to couch and 2 more bites down, Maddy’s fussing again.  I think she’s done with her bottle.

Clean her up and put her out in her saucer play thing in the living room with us.  She seems content for now.

Sit back down to try to finish burrito.

Cell phone dings – neighbor needs a check.  Put cell back down.  I am not thinking about that right now.  Would like to finish my burrito.

2 more bites down.  Are you kidding me, I got to go to the bathroom, like right now?!?!

Grab the phones.  Never fails, I head to the bathroom for a couple minutes and if I leave my phones behind, they ring off tha hook!  Grab the laptop so I can write this.

While in the bathroom, Maddy starts fussing.  This is her normal nap time.  And from the sound of it, she’s ready to go down.  She’ll have to wait til I am done.

Also, I hear the door chime.  I am so confused!  I though Missy was off b/c her hubs has surgery…or is that next week?  Why am I so confused about the days anymore…I feel like I never know what going on and I always feel like I am forgetting something.

Finish up, clean up and head back out to living room.

Shove the rest of the burrito in my mouth.

Look for Maddy’s binkie.  Found it.  Sit down on couch in her favorite position and she nods out.  Enjoy a couple minutes on the couch with the baby.  Adam has gone downstairs.  TV is off. Ah Quiet…

8:35am        Finish this.  Got to put Maddy in her crib.  Gather all my papers I need for the office and head down to work.


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