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We are supposed to get up to 24″ of snow this weekend!  This only happens around MD like every 6 years or so…I can’t wait for the boys to see it.  Personally, 24″ is a little much for me!  I am actuallly not that upset about being snowed in – expect for that we will be missing out on my husband’s mother’s Christmas party tomorrow night.  She already re-scheduled it.  I am hoping to spend this time stuck inside to catch up on cleaning the house.  We’ll see how that goes when I check in tomorrow!  I always seem to get distracted from my tasks by some other tasks and then nothing ever gets done.

I decided last night that I needed to get my husband an really awesome Christmas gift because he totally deserves it.  He is the hardest working person I know and when he is not working on his business, he is trying to help me.  I could write a novel of all the things he has done for me and I can’t say I feel like I have been able to return the favor.  I spent the day working and trying to find his the atv he wants…which no one in this state has!  My neighbor and my hubby best friend is helping me so I am sure it will all work out.  He has a guy who has 2 that would work for him.  I am excited to do this for him but I think he will love and hate it at the same time.  Love it because its something he really wants and be mad because he knows how much money it’s going to cost.  If I get it for him, he will have no excuse for not taking some time to himself to release some stress on his bike!

The baby is still so active even though she is running out of room.   It actually hurts a lot when she’s moving.  We still are so unready for her…it’s really giving me anxiety.  I put an ad out for help around the house and actually got a suitable response.  I think I am going to give her a try.  Even if I had 2 or 3 hrs help 2 days a week, I think it would be such a help around here.  I would feel so much better and not so anxious about all the things that need to get done and having no time to do them…Again we’ll see!


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