Givin’ It a Try…

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My first blog…this should be interesting…Thought it would be cool to document the daily goings-ons for a couple reasons.  One – there is some pretty fun stuff that happens around here and I would like a way to remember it!  Two…sometimes I need an outlet to vent about things and dumping everything that might be bothering me on my already overly stressed husband doesn’t really seem to be a great idea to me.

I already had a emotional breakdown on my hubby today – first thing this morning!!  Why?  I am all hormonal being nearly 8 mos pregnant and I feel like my house is being taken over by laundry and toys!  The baby’s room isn’t even started.  And there is so much to do in the office before the end of the year…I am freaking out just a little.  I help my husband with his construction business and there is a lot of accounting tasks to do before the end of the year.  I didn’t mean to cry on his shoulder but sometimes us women just need to let it all out.  I felt bad because he has enough on his mind…worrying about how he can help allievate some stress from me is the last thing he needs to be burdened with.

After my little episode, I headed off to take my 4 yr old to his Christmas Open House at preschool.  We were late!  I could not find a place to park.  It was cute.  They sang Christmas songs and then I did a craft with him – more like for him!  Then to Walmart for some random stuff I forgot to get on my weekly grocery store run yesterday.   Last I checked, we still got a little over a week until Christmas, but you would think it’s like tomorrow from how busy Wallyworld is!  Does anyone work?!?!  Why is there so many people at the store during regular working hours?

I arrive back home to find that my new stroller and car seat “travel system” has arrived.  Yay!  Additionally, we got a staples order and business Christmas cards arrived.  I wrapped one of the hubby’s presents.  I got him the an awesomeness poster like the one in Barney’s office from How I Met Your Mother.  I think he will like it.  Didn’t get a lot of office work done before I had to go back out and pick up the munchkins from school.

My 5 yr old is so serious sometimes.  He was telling me about how the teacher put germ powder on the door handle in health class and shone a special light on it.  If you could only see his matter-of-fact facial expression and him nodding his head while he told me about it…It was so cute! He’s such a little man.


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